Kevin Owens

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In Week 1, I thought my "Mo" looked a little sinister...like an early 20th century villain.  In Week 2, due to spotty growth in the corners of my mouth, My Mo looked a little uneven.  I am also sprouting hairs that don't exactly flow with the remainder of the stache.  Some were curling upwards ala Rollie Fingers, while the rest were conforming to gravity.  Luckily I have decided on the cowboy motif this month to draw attention away from my Mo's imperfections.  In Week 3, the old "Soup Strainer"  became darker and thicker.

Overall, I was a little unimpressed with my Mo this month.  I have been watching several notable athletes grow much better moustaches than me.  Although I did achieve the darkness I wanted, the fullness left a little to be desired.  Hopefully next year I can find some volume enhancing products so that I can grow the moustache of my wife's dreams.

 Brian Connelly

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Brian has informed me that his "Mo" doesn't really grow.  However here in Week 2 Brian was sprouting an amazing Mo despite his claims of poor growing potential.  I swear I saw that face before somewhere...Maybe here.  I don't even need to comment on Brian's Mo this week.  I will let him do it for me..."I don't wanna get ahead of myself, but if there is a Most Improved Mo (aka MIM) award ... I'll take it."  Well Said Bri!

Mike Jordan

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              Week 3


It looked like Mike has started his own "Mo" growing contest prior to the start of this one.  That's what happens when you are overseas...Beard growing becomes a hobby.  In Week 2 Mike and his Mo Beard were looking to capture next years crown in the Eastern Bavarian tradition, World Beard and Moustache Championship.  By the looks of it, he is on the right track.  And now in Week 3, Mike checks in looking sharp as ever with a freshly shaped Mo Beard.  That is one thing we did not discuss...Mo Grooming.  A fresh shape up is a must for any athlete. 

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Drew is going with the rugged look just in time for the holidays.  I have been assured that the beard will go before Thanksgiving and nothing but an amazing Mo will remain...can't wait.  However I found myself panicked in Week 2.  Drew joined us from what appears to be some sort of bunker.  We didn't know whether to post this picture or contact the authorities.  In Week 3 Drew, as promised, ditched the beard and kept the Mo...And what a beauty it is.  It reminds me of a young Sam Elliot.  In Week 4, Drew has trimmed up the "Handlebar Mo" he was working with last week, to more reasonable standards.  he ends this month with a much more manageable mo.

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To me the sky is the limit this month for Nick...When Nick signed on just a few days after Week 1, he had recently shaved.  The progress he made in such little time gives me high hopes for the future.  In week 2, Nick had surpassed other Mo Bros in terms of overall volume.  It is currently summer in Nick's New Zealand home.  If flowers grow better in the summer does that mean moustaches do as well?  Evidently.  In Week 3 Nick had an amazing gathering of hair on his upper lip.  I realized the color variety we had in our contest.  From my dark mo, to Nick's red mo, to Greg's blonde mo, to Drew's salt and pepper mo.  Love it.  Week 4 Nick informed me that he would be out in the New Zealand wilderness this week.  With his new rugged look no animal would dare venture into his territory.

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The American Dream Jon Kalnas joined us with some fine stubble.  A few more weeks and he'll be the most intimidating man in the shot putting circle. In Week 2, Jon had some decent sprouting on both his face and head.  That was a different look that I was used to from him.  A look definitely capable of hammer throwing a flaming ball into a tree...Again.  In Jon's Week 3 photo I am not sure if that fire extinguisher is for putting out fires in the office or on Jon's face.  The American Dream was rocking an awesome orange beard that made all his trainees proud.  Then we arrived at Week 4.  Throughout this month I would occasionally open my email and have a new "Mo Photo" from one of our contestants.  Occasionally the pictures made me laugh out loud either because of the look of their Mo, or because of the amount of hair that had been grown in just a month.  Jon had me laughing from the latter this week.  He finishes off this contest with an overly impressive beard.

Greg Mescall

              Week 1                                               Week 2

Here is an up close and personal look at the illusive "Blonde Mo" sported here by our own Greg Mescall, or as he is known on Hugging Harold Reynolds Cadillac Mescalade.  Greg had some nice development on his blonde Mo in Week 2.  I am sure taking a self pic and sending it to a dude was not what these guys had in mind when I asked them to sign up for this contest.  Greg described the feeling as Favre/Oden ish.  Greg sent me an email apologizing on his "flakiness" this month.  Due to work regulations Greg had to drop out of the contest prematurely, but promises to have a better showing next year.