Now that we have explained the rules, it is time to meet our Mo Bros...

Kevin Owens (Me)

I think we have already exhausted my life...If you don't know who I am go to Waiting For Godunk and read all my articles/complaints from the past year about pro basketball.

Jon Kalnas

Jon Kalnas is a world renowned shut putter/personal trainer from Paulsboro, New Jersey. At Monmouth University Kalnas was a three time Division 1 All American Shot Putter.  He is currently training towards the 2012 Olympic Trials. He is also the co-owner of Jersey Trash Clothing and writes for the blog Strength Athletes.

Brian Connelly

Brian is a professional basketball player and a graduate of The University at Albany.  During his four years as a basketball player at Albany the school went to the NCAA Tournament twice.  He has recently played in Romania and Australia and in both leagues was a dominant force.

Greg Mescall

Greg Mescall is the Associate Director of Communications for the USA Water Polo Team. In this position he serves as the main media relations contact for USA Water Polo as well as webmaster for the corporate website, editor of the USA Water Polo magazine, Skip Shot. In addition Greg is the main reporter/host on a variety of USA Water Polo produced video segments and broadcasts.  You may remember the women of the USA Women's Water Polo Team, that graced the cover of ESPN The Magazine last month.  Those are Greg's colleagues...must be nice.

Nick Horvath

Nick is a naturalised New Zealand professional basketball player, originally from the United States.   He most recently played for the Wellington Saints in the New Zealand National Basketball League.  Prior to that Horvath was a star in Australian basketball averaging 19 points and 8 rebounds a game over his 4 year career.  Horvath attended Duke University where he was a part of the 2000-2001 NCAA championship team.  He was team captain in 2003 and 2004.  I had the pleasure of playing with Nick in New Zealand in 2008.

Drew Owens

Drew is a teacher and an assistant high school basketball coach at Kingsway Regional High School in New Jersey.  Besides being a great basketball mind, Drew is also my cousin, thus giving him amazing moustache potential.  Drew hosts a weekly event known as "Moustache Fridays" in his classroom. 

Mike Jordan

Mike is a University of Pennsylvania graduate and a 10 year veteran of professional basketball.  Mike's career has taken him throughout Europe where he has been both a dominant point guard and leader.  Mike currently plays for Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels in the German Bundesliga.