Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mo Bros Week 1 Moustaches

Here are some updated photos from our Mo Bros...I will continue to post them as I receive them.


Kevin Owens

I like to think my "Mo" looks a little an early 20th century villain.

 Brian Connelly

Brian has informed me that his "Mo" doesn't really grow.  We will see what happens the next few weeks.

Mike Jordan

It looks like Mike has started his own "Mo" growing contest prior to the start of this one.  That's what happens when you are overseas...Beard growing becomes a hobby.

Drew Owens

Drew is going with the rugged look just in time for the holidays.  I have been assured that the beard will go before Thanksgiving and nothing but an amazing Mo will remain...can't wait.

Nick Horvath

To me the sky is the limit this month for Nick...When Nick signed on just a few days ago, he had recently shaved.  The progress he has made in such little time gives me high hopes for the future.

Jon Kalnas

The American Dream Jon Kalnas joins us this morning with some fine stubble.  A few more weeks and he'll be the most intimidating man in the shot putting circle.

Greg Mescall

Here is an up close and personal look at the illusive "Blonde Mo" sported here by our own Greg Mescall, or as he is known on Hugging Harold Reynolds as Cadillac Mescalade.

Our other contestants will be sending in pictures throughout the day monitoring their progress...I will post them when I receive them.

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