Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 2 Mo Bro Photos

Week 2 is over and it is time to see how we look.


Kevin Owens

Due to spotty growth in the corners of my mouth, My Mo is a little uneven.  I am also sprouting hairs that don't exactly flow with the remainder of the stache.  Some are curling upwards ala Rollie Fingers, while the rest are conforming to gravity.  Luckily I have decided on the cowboy motif this month to draw attention away from my Mo's imperfections.

Brian Connelly

Brian is sprouting an amazing Mo despite his claims of poor growing potential.  I swear I have seen this face before somewhere...Maybe here

Drew Owens

Drew joins us today from what appears to be some sort of bunker.  At this point it is unclear how long he has been cut off from civilization.  I don't know whether to post this picture or contact the authorities.

Nick Horvath

In just a week and a half Nick has surpassed other Mo Bros in terms of overall volume.  It is currently summer in Nick's New Zealand home.  If flowers grow better in the summer does that mean moustaches do as well?  Evidently.

Jon Kalnas

It is week 2 and Jon has some decent sprouting on both his face and head.  This is a different look that I am used to from Jon.  A look definitely capable of hammer throwing a flaming ball into a tree...Again

Greg Mescall

Greg has some nice development on his blonde Mo.  I am sure taking a self pic and sending it to a dude was not what these guys had in mind when I asked them to sign up for this contest.  Greg describes the feeling as Favre/Oden ish. 

Mike Jordan

Mike and his Mo Beard hail to us this week from Germany.  Apparently MJ is looking to capture next years crown in the Eastern Bavarian tradition, World Beard and Moustache Championship.  By the looks of it, he is on the right track.

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Our other contestants will be sending in pictures throughout the day monitoring their progress...I will post them when I receive them.

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